Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Exclusive! Featuring {Heather Molina}

I have a very unexpected Monday exclusive! Today I met with Heather Molina of Bows-n-Berries about doing a little collaboration with my new Bridal Styling biz and she's fabulous to say the least. I learned we have a lot in common minus the 5 kiddos {how she finds the time to design} whew! This woman is fierce. I've come across some pretty talented hair accessory designers lately but Heather is the best. She's based out of the Inland Empire {Southern Cal} and has been featured in the IE Style Magazine. She's worked with some pretty talented Photographers and her hair pieces are nothing less then couture. What started out as fun girlie hair pieces for little girls has blown into a full collection of designer hair accessories created for today's fashionitas of all ages, which is her tag! I so get it. From babies to brides Heather Molina is growing into a hair accessories designer to watch. For your next event your attire is not complete without a hair pieces exclusively designed by Heather Molina of Bows-n-berries.

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