Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"Rose, by any other name.... ( Shakespeare)
Not only does  One Thousand One Hundred Eleven bring the wonder of the New Year it also quite possibly brings me a new home (for my business) and a re-visitation to an old passion of mine. For many many years, I've been praying for an opportunity to have a space of my own but not just a "space" I've spent many, months, days and  hours dreaming of a lofty, airy, free spirited , romantic space to call my own and I just might have found the perfect location to launch Nina Fleurina Scentsory Studio.  Can you imagine being surrounded by fragrant candles, ambiant light, and the fragrant aroma of lavender, vanilla, english toffee, cinnamon, cedar, roses, and over a hundred other fragrances including candles, hand made potpourri, difussers, lotion, creme, shower gel, perfume oil, shower mist and a list of other luxury's.

My new home will be situated in a small college, community in Claremont Ca, just 30 mins from Los Angeles
Soon I will be signing a lease, getting the keys and continuing the Journey of mine in a fabulous Scentsory Studio.

Stay tuned for the Opening Party...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's begining to smell a lot like Christmas!

If your like me your anticipation for a coveted fragrance looming packaged under the tree this time of year. Oh how I love the smell of Christmas and me this year!

What will you smell like this year?
Please feel free to share...

I'm Obsessed

I'm officially obsessed with this blog! I've strolled through hundreds and this blog has def. caught my eye! It's one of my newest obsession of the year Bijou and Boheme...sooo fancy.
See you next year...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello {Fancy}

My Inspiration:
Candles, cashmere,woodburning fireplaces,cupcakes,pink champagne,bubble baths, the soothing sounds of Bossa Nova, Audrey Hepburn, vintage jewelry,Romance Novelas, and french kisses are all what inspires, Nina Fleur'ina's new fragrance Ruche by Nina Fleur'ina.
Handcrafted and handpoured in a small
tranquil studio , nestled in a  suburban community just outside sunny Los Angeles CA,
With a touch of romance a little rustic edge and a fresh fragrance reminiscent of anything fancy (grandma's garden, mom's closet,vintage lace,fresh cut roses, ruffles...)
Nina Fleur'ina has been creating luxury candles and gifts for over a decade. 
Always surrounding herself with the fancy side of living. A quiet space and a creative mindset puts Nina in the mood to create. So...what do you consider Fancy!!!!?


Inspirational {Fleurs+ Loft}

 {Fleurs+ Loft} Inspirational Board by Nina Fleurina

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Luxist} Feature Sande Chase A Gift Wrapped Life

Tis the season! On the eve of my 35th birthday I wanted to post about a subject that's near and dear to my heart. Something that makes me smile and tickles my fancy the ultimate in fancy gift wrapping that is...

My first {Luxist} Feature! Sande Chase Proprietor Extraordinaire of the most luxurious gifts and even more important... the gift wrapping.

Feast your eyes on the visual candy and yummy presentation Sande Chase produces with her fabulous company A Gift Wrapped Life. It's a life I truly believe in, it's one I'll always live.

Fabulous and Fancy!
Happy Birthday to Moi!