Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shabby Apple Fete de Fleur {Style} File

Take a peek at Shabby Apple's beautiful new collection filled with passionate shades of pink, blue, blush, cream, teal and so much more...I can't get enough of the ballerina style skirts that can be paired with anything from a soft tee to a sheer blouse and a pair of strappy sandals. What will you be wearing to your next wedding? During the Spring and Summer months finding the proper wedding attire can be tricky, just stay away from jean shorts. A simple dress, and a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes makes it easy to stay cool, calm and collected in the midst of long vows, cocktail hour and a little dancing. Everything you see here is available at the Shabby Apple. Log on and don't wait to plan your next wedding ensemble today!!!

Live, Love...Style Pretty
Nina Fleurina

Monday, April 15, 2013

Elope In Elegance {Style} File

Eloping: A Modern Wedding sounds like a fabulous book...hmmmm, ideas, ideas, lol. My mind is always on green for go. I love creative wedding portraits that display the couple all alone indulging in each other as if no one else was around. I imagine the thought of getting married with all the stylish elements of a full production wedding just without all the people, high budget of food, wasted cake and over priced invites.
Imagine You still dazzling in a stunning gown, him looking stunning all dressed up from head to toe, your best friend, his best man, your mom, his mom, dads, children, your favorite cousin and his favorite aunt and uncle, a beautiful dinner setting, soft music, romantic decor, intimate, inviting and blissful. You hire a photographer to capture the moments, a stylist to ensure every detail, catering from your favorite restaurant, cake, champagne and the words "I Do" in style, intimate and memorable. My favorite part...all under $2500 or less.

I love intimate weddings which could be from the two of you and an officiant, to the two of you and 30 of your closest friends and family, from beaches to the backyard or inside of a barn. Be inspired, be free..., eat, dance and be married.

Love...Nina Fleurina

Photo Credits 
The Sweetest Occasions.com

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Summer Lover {Cheyenne}

Imagine hopeful, star crossed lovers, looking to run, be one with nature and one with each other. I love this photo shoot that reminds me of a Garden Bride, rustic, romantic and freeeee! Reminds me of California circa 1975, when Summers were long and filled with wanderlust. I had a wonderful time styling and shooting this creative photo shoot. My  model credit  goes to Cheyenne. If you're looking for a stylized photo shoot that screams creative, dreamy and romantic feel free to contact me for more details. Share the love, leave comments if your imagination inspires you.

Always the "Hopeless" Romantic
Love...Nina Fleurina Event and Photo Shoot Stylist

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Shoot {Inspo} Style File

These are the photo's that's inspiring my next photo shoot. I'm loving the look of beautiful lace of the face.
Remember it's all in the details, design and overall vision of the stylist eye. Check back next week to see how I interpret the inspirational photos in this post!!  See you soon

Love Nina Fleurina