Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My 6th Posted Picture...humm

Well I was tagged by Ruth of the fabulous "The Beautiful Life" Blog. I love her blog and I loved her 6th picture post. I've been blogging for several years on my Mrs. Robinson Cupcakes site but my Mahogany Maddison site is fairly new but I was up for the challenge any way. My 6th picture post is a picture of a book filled with, sex, murder, lying, cheating ooh you know the stuff that chick lit books are created for. It's a book written during the turn of the, 19th century and the intrigue keeps you wanting more and more. I heard it's gonna be made into a movie...humm wonder who the characters gonna be. The book was a fun read over the winter season to say the least,even more reviews since I first read it and...the reviews are mixed but I don't believe anyone who thinks this book is not a romance novel. I'm sorry not all romance novels should start off "in a land far, far away, include a knight in shining armor, and ends in Happily Ever After" there are books adults like to read that have...s.e.x, scandal and everything in between. It's gritty and fascinating in a twisted kind of way. Don't get me wrong I love a Cinderella story like the next gal. If your looking for a sexy yet gritty read this summer, I recommend.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stepping Up My "Faconnable"

For the last several months I had been working on a project that was unwillingly taking me away from my love of all things french. So now that, that's over I had to get back to what inspires me the most, reading absolutely fabulous literature or what I like to call 'my blogs"

So...Some like to say "one women's trash is another women's treasure" I like to say "one women's treasure is another women's treasure" which what I discover while reading the blog

I've always had a strong passion for all things beautiful, gift wrapping is right at the top of my list. But I couldn't stop there. I discovered a treasure in DJ's Dust Jacket Attic, this blog is majestic it's visually stimulating to say the least and it's a new favorite. What Grandeur!

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Shabby Royalty

Today I was reading up on my friends blogs and I caught a glimpse of Fabulously French...well more of a glimpse, I strolled the blog reading up the happenings of the last couple of weeks and I came across this a picture of Marie A. with a fitting saying that reads Keep Calm, Carry On and Eat Cake! The post was a motto for the weekend and I now have adopted the saying for my weekend. I was drawn to the picture not just because of the saying but also the design which by the way is created by Wendy from MulberryMuse, love her and her designs, it reminds me of shabby chic royalty. Her work is fabulous no wonder I found it on Fabulously French.
"Be Calm, Carry On and Eat Cake"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A day in Paris by way of...


Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my new friend Judy of Paris Atelier. Last week she made reservations at a lovely little tea shoppe in Downtown Orange, Ca. called Paris in a Cup and yesterday we were able to sit down and enjoy a little "girl time" "tea time" and "me time" it was really special and I appreciated more then she knows. Friends are hard to find these days, but when you're open to meeting new people you open yourself up to make new friends. Life is too short to hide from the world when there is macaroons to savor and sweet friends to enjoy them with "Merci" Judy, Merci!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Romantic, Chic, Amore...{This is Glamorous}

Oh...so sorry, sometimes if I find something extra fabulous I just have to talk about I double up on my post.

I came across this blog via my friend Judy of Paris Atelier's, Facebook Page. I became an instant fan of {this is glamorous}, I love this blog and congrats to her for landing a guest blogger role in the Lucky Magazine, one of which I was gonna buy this weekend, urgh! I should've but it's not too late. I imagine that it's even more fabulous with literal goodies from this blog. Please if you have a moment go check it out it's absolutely delightful.


Happy Monday everyone! It's raining here in sunny southern Californa and for those of you who enjoy the dreary whether you should be delighted for those of us that don't...we're so not happy, well I can say that I'm feeling better after a terrible caffeine reaction Sat/Sunday morning. I felt horrible mixed, with a lot of stress I thought I was coming down with something flulike. "It was the worst". I have to say that about Sunday evening I started to feel better, more like S'wonderful. For those of you that are familiar with Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn then you are familiar with the term S'wonderful...it's one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite songs especially by Diana Krall, love her. So I plan on carrying this feeling S'wonderful throughout my week, stress, spring showers, sickness and all.
"Muah" xoxo
Two French Kisses

Friday, April 2, 2010

An Evening of Bliss!

Ricardo Delgado Owner of Irises Designs

Ok so here's a little update on the fanciful happenings in my life. I'm so excited to announce the Grand Opening of my new boutique Lily Robinson Bliss. I've been a little stressed and anxious all at the same time, but guess who I recruited to help bring sprinkles of magic to Lily Robinson...drum roll please Judith Borello of Paris Atelier. Yes she has been working day and night adding her beautiful shabby chic furnshings, helpful hints, her expertise and kind affirmations along the way. She's amazing and a God send.

So with all of that said you're all invited! If you're a local blogger or even a vendor then you must come this fabulous event! We're having a little taste of Paris with touches of french flair and whimsy added to the mix. Enjoy a vibrant array of candies, cupcakes, macaroons, espresso from our in store cafe, shabby chic furnishings, designer brands, trendy apparel, gifts, candles, bath and body, florals for Lily Robinson exclusively by the award winning Irises Design. I'm so excited there is so much more but too much to put into just one post. Let me just say this will be an elegant affair, so mark your calenders April 24th 5-9:30pm.
More to come! See you there!

Two french kisses!