Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Kindness

I'm genuinly a nice person, uneasily ruffled and pretty mild mannered...sometimes. But today was a special day for doing something really nice for someone.

Yesterday my sister Jackie and I decided to hang out at Borders (for about two or three hours) Laughing, gaining a little knowledge but mostly having fun.

When we were finished we were told that the book The Reliable Wife was gonna be made into a movie (like five times) I decided to purchase it. We stood in line and when we were called next by an older salt and pepper hair lady named Katherine, she tried to sell my sis some peppermint bark...left over from xmas I might add and some of which we made ourselves for xmas. Needless to say we were tired of peppermint bark and my sis jackie replied "well she (referring to muah) makes chocolates" Well the lady at the counter replied "I love chocolate, can you bring me some. I'll be here tomorrow from 12-6pm." We my sister and I fluffed it off, collected our money and purchased our books upon gathering them planning to leave the lady again replied " So will you bring me some chocolate. I love chcocolate. I get off at 6pm, my name is Katherine" She sounded pretty serious. We laughed about it all the way to Michaels, no doubt with plans to make the lady and the family chocolate covered strawberries. Making sure I give nothing but the best (and hoping to get some orders) I made sure it was packaged just perfect. We made chocolate covered strawberries, and pretty victorian heart shaped white chocolate pops. We packaged it in a beautiful boxed shaped like a book and delivered it right before 6pm. We stood in line and waited until it was our turn.

Her response is one I'll never forget. She was so happy she exclaimed " What did I do to deserve this." I responded..."It says in the bible...ask and ye shall receive" She said..."well I guess your right." We left feeling delighted to have given a perfect stranger a simple gift of kindness.

I share this story with my readers not to boast or brag...but to encourage you to give, give, give and be kind. You never know, especially in times like these who or what you do to make someones day or change someones life...or...if God is testing you. Be obedient and be kind.