Monday, July 25, 2011

For the love of Vanities...

Everysince I was a young girl I'ved vanities...little desk with a mirror and a cute little chair perfect for a lady to do her make-up, hair or spray on a little perfume.

Coming soon Nina Fleurina will be selling custom re-purposed vanities along with offering Shabby Chic Interior Design Services.

Stay Tuned

Pics to come...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New @ Ruche Swim and Cover-Up!

Every once in awhile I love to post about one of my favorite online boutiques! Summer it!

Photography and Art Direction by Stephanie Williams

Makeup & Hair by Nyrie Aitken

Wardrobe Styling by

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fab Feature: Beauty By Melina

FAB Feature: Melina Ruiz
Make-up Melina Ruiz
Photography by Gail Bowman
Apparel: No Rest For Bridget

Several months ago I was vending at a flea market event in Huntington Beach CA. A young woman came in giving me lots of compliments about my booth, the product packaging and the display... she continued to express how impressed she was with my space but not particularly with the event. I was delighted by her reviews and intrigued at the same time, by her attention to my every detail. She dropped words like Fred Segal and Neiman Marcus in the way she described my business representation. "I loved this girl!" "Who is she!" I thought. We exchanged phone numbers, and promised to meet soon, most people never do. Well to my surprise she made a special 60ml trip to my boutique that turned out to be memorable. Now we are friends! Melina Ruiz is a gem. She's a talented up and coming, sought after MUA out of Laguna Beach, CA. who's now a big Fan of Nina Fleurina and a very good friend. Today I am featuring Melina Ruiz of Reign of Beauty as my Fab Feature. Shown above is the latest apparel from
No Rest For Bridget Summer 2011 Lookbook, captured by the creative eye of Gail Bowman Photography. I've been saying for months this is the year for Women! Melina YOU ROCK!!!!

Love Nina

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maxi Style

Maxi dresses are the best!!! I wear them several times every Summer. It's the dress that can hide a women's worst flaws, {especially ugly legs and feet} in my case. In other cases, a slight over stuffed stomach from a hearty Summer meal. But it also heightens your physique, slenderizes your body and most of the time beit strapless, halter of spaghetti straps highlights your best assests {up top} no down below.

Either way a girl of any size or shape can get away with wearing a fabulous Maxi dress to the next, bomb fire on the beach, brunch with the girls or fleamarket shopping with your beau. Oh and the perfect accessories...mosey over to my friend Myisha of Bohemian Spirit Jewelry and get to Stackin! The has the best Summer collection. In love!

I may be making myself one or two for the next event invite! Possible tutorial and pics to come.

Summer Lov'n

Friday, July 8, 2011

Styling I {Pinned} Shades of Grey

So I'm totally addicted to TOTALLY! Love styling, love all things Pretty! I've been seening the color grey everywhere, shades of grey that's tranquil and relaxing to the eye. Tonight I couldn't help but notice a few pics on Pinterest that just caught my eye.

It's not considered a summer color i don't think but I'm never one to follow the rules anyway so I say this Summer it's a cool color to adorn in your wardrobe, your interiors and throughout your life and style.

I'm loving about you, hope you do.

Summer Lov'n

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nina Fleurina Home Good Style

This 4th of July I found myself getting much needed retail therapy and heat retreat (101°) at on of my favorite affordable home decorating stores. I love mixing old with new
here's a few things I found that could make for fabulous accessories Nina Fleurina Style!
Stay cool
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