Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Perfect Tote

I have a love hate relationship with my totes, as I'm sure all women do. I love it because I can put anything in it and I hate it becasue I can...put everything in it! LOL! But I just can't live with out a great tote. I searched the world wide web for the best Summer Tote! Grab your tote and Goooo!

SugarCrush Creative (Etsy)

Otto Bags (Etsy)

Janny's Girl (Etsy)

Amor Dress (Etsy)

StudioTinsel Vintage (Etsy)

Style Pretty
Love...Nina Fleurina

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Baaaack!!!

I remember when my husband and I moved to New Mexico in the late 1990's, we were newlyweds and after being married for two years decided to move in with his parents. The idea of moving from a place that I was born and raised in, Los Angeles to Albuquerque was like moving to It was so foreign and an obvious culture shock. But back then my husband and I was so much more adventurous,  we couldn't just plant our feet in New Mexico we had a bright idea after being there for about a year to pack up a small U-Haul and mooove to Atlanta. {Smh} those were the days. Needless to say after the friends that enticed us to move there, with the promise of jobs, and a place to stay quickly bailed on us. With no money, almost stranded we called his parents and they graciously sent for us to come back to New Mexico. I told my husband if I moved anywhere else it would be back to my home to California. With that said our last move was back to California in 2000 and we've been here every since.  I say all that to say...I got the bright idea to start a totally new blog after growing this one for over the last 5 yrs and finally hitting 20k viewers...uhhhh, bad idea. So now i'm back with a new business venture (stay tuned), and fresh fashion and lifestyle content possibly a few interviews and personal updates. Thanks for hanging with me, I missed you but now I'mmmm Baaack!

Forever, Love...Nina Fleurina