Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mahogany Maddison Launches @ Urban Barn Baby!!!

Since April I had been following the Urban Barn blog along with Glamerella Junk and Vintage Bling and Vintage Bliss!!! {Hi Linda, Mary, Lisa, and Tricia} I read tons of blogs but as a professional crafter I love making ah-mazing "stuff" turning junk into couture creations or apparel into altered awesome but these ladies over at Urban Barn are Junktastic. After a quick phone call two weeks ago inquiring about their upcoming event I was surprised by a follow-up phone call from Mary my new favorite person, who btw is the most fun and delightful lady I've ever met. She puts the "whim" in whimsy! She complimented me on my style and thought it would be a great idea for me to set up and sell at their event. I was so excited! I called MOM and within three days we were on our way to The Urban Barn, this warehouse full of Vintage Decor, recycled and upcycled gift items, custom slips {Glamerella Junk} hair pieces, blinged out everything from belt buckles to throw pillows, all white, chippy, frenchy, shabby, chic-y and it's all nestled in Escondido Ca.

It was lovely, I was so well received, indulging in cupcakes and meeting my new friend Sarah Villa of Le Curieux Monster...stay tuned to see photos of her pretty cabinets, and home deco accessories.

I don't know what to say. This place is fabulous and i can't wait for the Grand Opening Event in July. I will be there with new stuff! So if your in So Cal you must come check it out.
PS I met so many awesome ladies at the Urban Barn Event if I missed you, don't hesitate to give me a shout out. Oh Hi Sandra! Hugs everyone.

Live Life Frou Foru and Fancy!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Trash The Dress Session

This weekend my dress was trashed in a coveted Trash The Dress session with Ben Chen from SoCalPixels and I was so excited. I consider myself somewhat of a craft connoisseur. I like to make stuff including dresses and recently I've made bridal dresses that's fun, affordable and perfect for a Trash the Dress Session. If you don't know what a Trash The Dress Photo shoot Session is please check it out. Being behind the scenes for this photo shoot was and amazing experience. It was romantic and it topped off my weekend like a bright red cherry on a perfect dollop of cream. I can't wait to do it again, and I can't wait to see the professional finished product. Stay Tuned!

Monday, June 21, 2010


After a very emotional and pretty hectic weekend filled with tears ending in passion I decided to post and very passionate mmmm...Monday post. Love and Romance is a test of your true passions. Sometimes it hurts to your soul and sometimes it's as pure as morning dew but all in all what's love without pain what's pain without passion it's boring and who needs that! Here's a few images of what's inspiring such a saucy Monday! Let your pain fuel your passions...Enjoy!

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Feature Friday! Elizabeth Dye

For the last week I've been coveting the website and blog of Elizabeth Dye, like a beautiful bright colored glossy magazine. She's the co-founder and designer of The English Dept. where her custom bridal ensembles are endless. The English Dept. is based out of Portland, Or. I'm so jealous because I wished Elizabeth Dye and the English Dept. existed here in the beautiful state of Calif. I'm inspired by her work and her ability to relate to her clients and the people she collaborates with including the designers of Twigs and Honey, Jenny Yoo and Alix and Kelly, shown in her 2010 Fashion Show. Her dresses a beautiful and romantic, her selection of beautiful dresses designed by other independent designers are dreamy and I recommend any bride to be to stop by her site, blog or if your in the Portland area her boutique. She's a new featured designer Fave!

Happy Friday


Monday, June 14, 2010

Photographer Spotlight I {Heart} Stephanie Williams Photography!

Last night after my very first wedding association meeting {CWA} I was browsing a few of my favorite websites one being Anthropologie and the other being I've always taken notice to the spectacular photography that they both possess, but I took particular notice at the Summer 2010 Lookbook of Ruche and was immediately taken on a girls weekend getaway. I was there, literally, looking cute and having tons of fun...ok so I wasn't really there but the photos had me thinking what a wonderful time it would be if I was the fourth girl in the photo. Needless to say I stopped daydreaming. I noticed the credit of the photographer and was interested to know a little about the eye behind the lens. Stephanie Williams is not just talented but you can tell that she's a lovely person just by the outcome of her photos. I've worked with a few photogs in the last several years and not all have been pleasant and it showed in the outcome of their work. I loved looking at her images, it was creative, dreamy and romantic and I had to share my new findings with my readers. If you live in the So Cal area and you're either, newly engaged, getting married or looking to do some fun portraits I would look Stephanie Williams up...she doesn't know me but tell her I said {Hi}. LOL! Maybe one day we can work together in the future. Who!

Monday Exclusive! Featuring {Heather Molina}

I have a very unexpected Monday exclusive! Today I met with Heather Molina of Bows-n-Berries about doing a little collaboration with my new Bridal Styling biz and she's fabulous to say the least. I learned we have a lot in common minus the 5 kiddos {how she finds the time to design} whew! This woman is fierce. I've come across some pretty talented hair accessory designers lately but Heather is the best. She's based out of the Inland Empire {Southern Cal} and has been featured in the IE Style Magazine. She's worked with some pretty talented Photographers and her hair pieces are nothing less then couture. What started out as fun girlie hair pieces for little girls has blown into a full collection of designer hair accessories created for today's fashionitas of all ages, which is her tag! I so get it. From babies to brides Heather Molina is growing into a hair accessories designer to watch. For your next event your attire is not complete without a hair pieces exclusively designed by Heather Molina of Bows-n-berries.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Frills and Thrills...

If you only knew, the last four months have truly been insane. I've made friends, lost friends, had some ups and downs, to say the least. My faith has truly been tested. I'm in need of a few summer thrills. You know that kind that makes your skin tickle, your heart flutter and your dreams feel so real.

Never being one that is down for long, I'm navigating this life as strategically as I possibly can. If you haven't noticed, my blog has transitioned a little to feature romantic bridal posts. Well that's because I've decided to venture into the bridal industry. After the New Year I was in search of something I can call my own. I'm a self proclaimed master crafter, a social diva, a french chic aficionado and a lover of all things romantique, the Bridal Industry just fit. I've been working on some top secret projects and I'm delighted to say I've "found my thrill" well not on blueberry hill, lol but it's been giving me the heart flutters that I've been longing for, for several months. I can't let the cat out the bag yet, but I'm working on a Summer Sizzling Friday Frills and Thrills Giveaway along with the lunch of my new venture.

PS I've stumbled onto a fabulous site that I'm now addicted to , check it out!

Hope you enjoy.



Friday, June 4, 2010

Inspired by laundry...who would've thought!

Laundry Room, Life and Style

I must declare I Hate Doing Laundry! It's mt nemesis and we war at least once a week and unfortunately I end up losing every time. I was inspired by love Maegans post of Landry room makeovers and I must say this gave me a new insight on doing a wee bit more domestication of apparel but, I more apt to do a better job wearing a pretty wedding dress like this from

Dolly Couture, isn't it the cutest!

Well Mr. Robinson wouldn't care what I wear of what inspires me as long as I start winning the fight against my laundry! LOL! One of these days....



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

J.Crew and a touch of Vintage

Courtesy of Little White Book, I was able to score some great pictures of J.Crews new bridal boutique opened in NY, I knew of J and his crew growing up as the khaki and white tee company known more to yuppies then to urban 90's teens. It actually kinda faded into the background as the evolution of American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Hollister, well the list can go on...oh how can I forget Forever 21! began to grow as the popular jeans and t's go to shopping destinations. lol. But for J.Crew to reinvent themselves as something youthful yet romantic what other way then to emerge with a Bridal Collection back in 2008 and a new beautiful Bridal Boutique, filled with pretty dresses, skirts and vintage accessories, which is my favorite part. I would love to fly to New York, make an appointment and peruse the boutique feeling, the fabric, trying on dresses and admiring the beautiful vintage jewelry. A girl can dream.