Monday, June 14, 2010

Photographer Spotlight I {Heart} Stephanie Williams Photography!

Last night after my very first wedding association meeting {CWA} I was browsing a few of my favorite websites one being Anthropologie and the other being I've always taken notice to the spectacular photography that they both possess, but I took particular notice at the Summer 2010 Lookbook of Ruche and was immediately taken on a girls weekend getaway. I was there, literally, looking cute and having tons of fun...ok so I wasn't really there but the photos had me thinking what a wonderful time it would be if I was the fourth girl in the photo. Needless to say I stopped daydreaming. I noticed the credit of the photographer and was interested to know a little about the eye behind the lens. Stephanie Williams is not just talented but you can tell that she's a lovely person just by the outcome of her photos. I've worked with a few photogs in the last several years and not all have been pleasant and it showed in the outcome of their work. I loved looking at her images, it was creative, dreamy and romantic and I had to share my new findings with my readers. If you live in the So Cal area and you're either, newly engaged, getting married or looking to do some fun portraits I would look Stephanie Williams up...she doesn't know me but tell her I said {Hi}. LOL! Maybe one day we can work together in the future. Who!

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