Friday, June 4, 2010

Inspired by laundry...who would've thought!

Laundry Room, Life and Style

I must declare I Hate Doing Laundry! It's mt nemesis and we war at least once a week and unfortunately I end up losing every time. I was inspired by love Maegans post of Landry room makeovers and I must say this gave me a new insight on doing a wee bit more domestication of apparel but, I more apt to do a better job wearing a pretty wedding dress like this from

Dolly Couture, isn't it the cutest!

Well Mr. Robinson wouldn't care what I wear of what inspires me as long as I start winning the fight against my laundry! LOL! One of these days....




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  2. Love the laundry room picture, I dream of that type of room here at The Larches.....that and staff.... I know it's NEVER going to happen but you've gotta dream big!

  3. Yes sir, if I had that laundry room, honey I'd be LOOKING for clothes to wash! You could hold a party in there! :)

    LOVE these pics!!!

    Take care! :)