Thursday, May 27, 2010

I know why the caged bird...sings.

Beautiful Birdcage Cluster

Beautiful Bridal Veil

Mix-Matched Wedding Chairs {Imagine several bird cages hanging from the trees}

Growing up I was what the kids call a "book worm" a compulsive reader. I would loose myself in the world of Walden, Thoreau, Angelou and which is what inspired this post.


Beautiful Birdcage veil {love this}

Vintage Birdcage Pictures, Images and Photos

It's lovely!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Flora

My first Inspiration Board inspired by my new Summer fragrance, Gucci Flora.

I truly believe in "Aromatherapy" not just for medicinal properties but because I believe fragrances are nostalgic. It can spark emotions, and feelings that can snap you back to a place in time in your life.

For weekend getaways with the husband several Summers ago I would wear a fragrance called Magnatism by Escada, it reminded of being young and free, sounds a little cliche, but it did.

Now I have a new Summer fragrance and it's quite nice.

My blog is still going through a bit of a transition so please bare with me.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stylish Beginnings!

My blog is taking a slight turn in postings. I've decided to add more stylish postings to my blog with a dash of vintage bridal, fashion, and shabby chic wedding trends.

I've been feeling my life is headed towards so many new beginnings. Inspired by vintage bridal, romance and french fabulousness!

I came across Erin Tavin a talented designer out of Los Angeles
Her designs are unique and elegant with a touch of the extra special.
LMK what'cha think!
Butterfly Wedding Dress by LIFEBYTAVIN, on Flickr">Vintage Butterfly Wedding Dress
Don't you just love this dress, all her designs are under $1000.00 which is a bargain for a OOAK Tavin original.

More to come!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Makeover!

I'm getting a makeover!!!!!! Okay, so my blog is getting a makeover. I'm so excited about the changes that are taking place. Judy Borello from A Paris Atelier and I have some really exciting things coming soon and Mahogany Maddison my shabby chic blog is getting a makeover. So much is happening I could burst at the seams.

Stay Tuned to the transformations!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

A Few Changes {wink,wink}


Mahogany Maddison is going through so fabulous changes this Summer! Redesigned blog and other fun stuff.

Stay tuned!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slip into Pretty

Nicole Richie Winter Kate slipdress

flickr LoveMaegan

Lately I've been not only collecting vintage slips I've been wearing them too. first I thought "really" a slip as a dress or a blouse...what would my grandmother say. I'm definitely loving them, they're comfortable, and romatique. I've fallen in love with slips and... with
Love Maegan. She has an amazing sense of style, simple and chic. She also gives her readers easy DIY tips on trendy fashions. Above is a look at how she easily wears a navy blue lace trimmed half slip and turns it into a very pretty skirt paired with a tee, cardigan simple that!

I may even venture my own line of simply, pretty vintage slip collection. Stay tuned!

Happy Friday mi amore!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I Love Right Now>>>

How I came across this "blogazine" I do not know, but I'm absolutely loving TTLRN

It's an online magazine about women with style by designer Jenna DeAngeles. I'm following on Facebook right now and I love when I scroll down my home page and there are fabulous things to fall in love with, "right now". Designer Jenna DeAngeles is a sunny SoCal (Southern California) gal and her magazine captures the "essence of SoCal Style" from the Hollywood elite to the everyday downtown shoppers it's filled with fashion and style young and old. Take a minute to browse you're guaranteed to find a few things to love...right now. lol!



BoHo or FoHo? Let me know...

Sooo I've known about the "phenom" that is bohemian or as the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley like to be known as "boho" for years over 6-7 years. It started out being very " flowerchild-ish" seventies fashion, no non-sense style, granola eating, tree hugging and more "green" then some of us want to be if you know what I mean. Boho is the epitome of being eco-friendly, but I have noticed that and It can be very stylish for some which brings me to one day while perusing the magazine isle at my favorite grocery store I came across a very fabulous cover of a very sassy magazine that just happens to be called BoHo A New American Spirit. I was torn because I really wanted the new Romantic Homes issue but I fell in love with the BoHo Magazine...I bought it, took it home and have referenced it a lot lately. Not because of the bohemian attribute...I'm more of a FoHo {francophile or lover of all things french} which is why the magazine really drew me. It was tres chic and brought Paris to a whole new level of green in a very stylish way. So I was really impressed again I'm more french sophisticate less bohemian but I'm a new lover of this magazine grab the Spring issue and let me know what you think.