Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple Things Made By {YOU}

If you know me you know that I looove, beautiful fabrics, papers, vintage and antique accessories! I'll be hosting Craft Workshops that merges the two! Above are samples of  DIY gift ideas that are the easiest to create. Even if you hire professionals for everything else adding a little personal handmade touch just makes for beautiful memories your guest will talk about for years to come.  Continue to follow my blog for more DIY Gift Inspirations or follow me on instagram at loveninafleurina for even more beautiful bridal inspirations.

Love...Nina Fleurina

Monday, February 4, 2013

Style File {Lily Ashwell} the daughter of the famed Rachel Ashwell who founded the entire Shabby Chic movement and brand in 1989. If you're a true follower of my blog then you would know that the world of Nina Fleurina definitely has  the inspiration and influence of revolutionary style and when I discovered the hidden gem that is Lily Ashwell I had to share!
Filled the understated elegance of soft colors, feminine lines and youthful prettiness. Her collection obviously influenced by hints of shabby chic but it lends a boho feel that gives it a touch of individual style, whimsy and casual freshness. It's a little pricey with the price tags boasting $395 for a pair of overalls but, if my purse gave me permission to purchase anything from her collection I wouldn't would all be mine. In the mean time I can admire and share my fashion find for the time being. Hope you enjoy!

Love...Nina Fleurina