Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Frills and Thrills...

If you only knew, the last four months have truly been insane. I've made friends, lost friends, had some ups and downs, to say the least. My faith has truly been tested. I'm in need of a few summer thrills. You know that kind that makes your skin tickle, your heart flutter and your dreams feel so real.

Never being one that is down for long, I'm navigating this life as strategically as I possibly can. If you haven't noticed, my blog has transitioned a little to feature romantic bridal posts. Well that's because I've decided to venture into the bridal industry. After the New Year I was in search of something I can call my own. I'm a self proclaimed master crafter, a social diva, a french chic aficionado and a lover of all things romantique, the Bridal Industry just fit. I've been working on some top secret projects and I'm delighted to say I've "found my thrill" well not on blueberry hill, lol but it's been giving me the heart flutters that I've been longing for, for several months. I can't let the cat out the bag yet, but I'm working on a Summer Sizzling Friday Frills and Thrills Giveaway along with the lunch of my new venture.

PS I've stumbled onto a fabulous site that I'm now addicted to , check it out!

Hope you enjoy.




  1. Great photos. These pics remind me of the dress Tori Spelling wore for the renewal of her vows with Dean McDermott. Very romantic and pretty pics.

  2. Good luck, darling, on your new venture. One thing is for sure, weddings & babies will always be around no matter how bad the economy is.