Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Weddings {Tulle & Chantilly}

It's been forever but between running my boutique, graduating from school and getting licensed as an Esthetician my world as been insane!!! I've finally settled down a little and started to do a little house keeping and a few changes are happening...{Excited}
If you've ever read my blog over the past couple of years I've blogged about everything from my family, my business, and my favorite things...weddings, shopping, luxury hotels, boutiques, friendships and in 2013 I have so much more in store!
I'm starting with an amazing website that I've discovered while searching for affordable bridal attire and accessories. I blogged about it on my other site and received a nice comment from the editor of the blog and website Tulle & Chantilly Ava Mellor. Nina Fleurina will become a full service stylish wedding blog and I promise to bring amazing vendors, DIY Tutorials, fabulous shops and so much more. Tulle & Chantilly is one of them and if you're on a tight budget but desire to look like a princess or a queen then this website is the place to be. They offer "Design It Yourself" bridal dress options. Once the honey and I decided what year to renew our vows...hopefully next year (#16th) then this is where I'll be, designing my very own gown. Glamorous!

Love Nina,


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