Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Wedding Decor {Flea Market} Style

Indoor, outdoor, home decor, wedding decor, I love the unique, intimate charm that blending vintage home decor into your wedding decor to create a focal point that is personal and fabulous.

If your going for a wedding style that consist of any vintage element, Rustic Romantic, Country Vintage, Beach Cottage Vintage, and Vintage Glamour then setting up an outdoor lounge with vintage indoor decor will give you a unique charm that your guest will never forget. How to achieve this outdoor lounge option can me easy and more affordable then modern lounge furnishings.

The best way to create this look is to mix, purchased, rental and personal vintage items. Contact family members who may let you borrow their vintage furniture stored in a garage they never use, perhaps a grandma or great aunt. You'd be surprise how many family members own pieces stored away you never knew about. After you've rounded up all the vintage pieces you need from your family. Do an inventory, put a vision together. You want to make sure you create an environment that is warm, inviting and meaningful. One chair and a side table doesn't necessarily constitute a "lounge" area for your wedding. Next if you realize you don't have quite what you need to create the look you're going for, finding it is your next option. I love flea markets and thrifting is the next best way to create the space you're looking to achieve. Starting with your local flea markets  if you're planning on having a vintage inspired wedding then most likely you're already a fan of treasures from days gone by. So you're probably already aware of the local flea markets in your neighborhood. This is the best place to get deals, most vendors are trying to "get rid" of their stuff. The time it takes to load 500 pieces of jewelry, tables, old rims, vintage chairs, tons of clothing or silverware takes lots of time, the last thing they want to do is load it all back in their vehicle, so needless to say they are willing to haggle especially at the end of the day! Furniture is a plenty, coffee tables, side tables, buffets, settees, armoires, love seats, queen anne chairs, chaise lounges you name it and most likely your local flea market  or thrift store will have it. When all else fails and there is one more piece that just needs to be added... the latest trend of vintage rentals may just be the best way to add that last piece to your beautiful lounge area. Places like Found Rental, and Archive are two of the now growing trend of vintage rentals company that warehouses tons of vintage furnishings to top of the look you are going for. I love adding a unique and personal charm to your very special day. Remember a little goes a long way.

Happily Wed~
Love Nina

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