Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Triple Digits {Oceanside}

For the record I {love} Summer, lazy days and warm nights, sun dresses and sandals oh and I can't forget my absolute favorite...Ice Cream! But I must confess these triple digits here in Southern Cal is inspiring me in a way I wouldn't dream of. I can't say I've opened my doors and invited winter in with welcoming arms but I'm definitely ready for a little cooler weather. It's crazy I know but I haven't been to the beach all Summer but I can appreciate the images of warm ocean waves any day.
Staying Fanci

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ice Cream Obsession!

Im Obsessed...don't believe me just ask Mr.Robinson. My two favorite indulgences fashion and good ole creamy frothy Ice Cream, no real preferance just cold, sweet, and creamy. I also love frozen yogurt, I'm sorry but not a fan of PB (yuke). Seriously my husband has taken me in the middle of the night, brought me home a Banana Split recently instead of flowers and it was well recieved. I can't get enough of the chilled creamy stuff. I need to seek professional help.
Ice Cream is so Fanci,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100th Follower + A Giveaway!!!

Finally! I've been wanting to host a Giveaway for so long and just didn't know what to giveaway. So I will be giving away an Exclusive Mahogany Maddison Swag Bag Filled with new, ooak, and vintage STUFF! Here's a list of things you may get...

A Gift Card to Anthropologie (amount to be announced)

Pearls {a girl can never have to many pearls}

Vintage OOAK Jewelry Box,

Mahogany Maddison Silhoette Boyfriend T

Floral Hair Accessory with Vintage Broach

Handmade Shea Butter Soap/Shower Gel and Scrub/Candles

Lace leggings and a few other treats and treasures I'll be listing in the next couple of days.

To Enter Share with me in 50 words or less your most memorable moment this summer. I would love to hear, vacation stories, new discoveries, new friends, and cherished purchases I want to know. Leave me a comment or link back to a story you posted in a blog. The winner will be announced by me posting or reposting the story.

I'm also looking forward to my 100th follower so please if Mahogany Maddison inspires you, encourages you or gives you great joy please share with a friend or fellow blogger. I love reading new blogs, and sharing my blog with others.

So start sending the stories, I can't wait to read them, oh don't forget keep them Fanci!




Monday, August 16, 2010

Awwwe...Almost {Autumn}

Le Fashion

love Maegan...Awwwe it's almost Autumn. This is always such a bittersweet time for me. I love the fall season, but I also love the summer season and normally around this time I'm totally torn. So I'm lifting my spirits with a little Autumn Collection inspiration from real fashionistas with real style...ummm, yumm. Remember your white button down, shirts this season, it'll go with everything!
Stanying Fanci,

The Pink Garage {The New Bohemian Glam}

I'm so excited about all the {news} in my life. Believe me it's been N-Sane but you can't keep a good chick down! lol! Anyway I've made a new friend and fellow blogger in Holly Lauren, owner of The Pink Garage, she's revolutionizing the new bohemian glam style. She's all about the feminine, vintage, old , new, sexy, fun and fabulous and she'll be managing the new boutique at the Urban Barn in San Diego Ca. soon to be Mahogany Maddison's new home. She's an amazing girl with a larger then life personality. So when surfing for new blogs mosey on over to The Pink Garage, she's new to the blogging word but she's fun and full of inspiration. If you decided to stop by tell her I said Hi!!!!
Staying Fanci

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friends, Family {Le French Alchemists} Opening

Roxy modeling Vintage Lace Tunic

Sarah Lounging on Couture Furniture

Custom Cabinetry by Le Curieux Cabinets

Beautifully Repurposed Display by Clearly Ceramics

Vintage Apparel By Mahogany Maddison Vintage Couture

We had a wonderful time at the Friends and Family soft opening of Le French Alchemists. All our vendors showcased the best of their designs including the beautiful creations of Le Curieux Monster, the couture furnishings of Marie Owner of CoutureFurniture, vintage repurposed dessert displays by Claudia of Clearly Ceramics and a few things from Mahogany Maddison Vintage. Despite a hell of a week on my part Sarah and her family made the day a big success.
More to come!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh So Stylish!

Just for the record I'm back to normal, my life is well It's life but let's just say I'm maintaining my fabulousness these days. {Marriage is blissful again}

My shoppe The French Alchemists is Opening Sat!

I didn't think I could make it but it's almost here and I'm ecstatic. It's looking so pretty and I can't wait to show pictures. In the mean time a girl can aspire this image screams pretty in pink!

What a stylish way to display loveliest pink balloons.

I generally hate balloons at an event but these pink ones with this dress is def. and must.

Oh it't won't hurt to have a few hundred balloons there...j/k but I'll have a few. Stay tuned for Pictures!

Fanci, Fanci!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Today I Am...

I took the title for this post from one of my favorite blogs Coffee Over Couture, Beth's blog is a huge inspiration as well as her magazine Altered Couture. This post screamed honesty to me...Today I Am.

Humph! Today I Am deeply sad as I sit here and write just as smidgen of my emotions. Just a little insight on my life right now...my marriage is not so bliss these days. I don't write this blog to post about my private and very intimate issues but I believe in being a little candid and free when writing a blog. Sometimes it can be liberating and freeing to share with people who enjoy reading about what you do. So with that said...it's been tough, but ladies Today I Am sad but in the process of healing, and searching for a new {me}. Who am I these days, well whoever I was I am transforming and looking to reinvent myself. Who should I become, well I've been working on personal styling, vintage bridal, a small boutique a vintage collector perhaps, humph should I add anything else??? What do you think, what about a little photography...well whoever I become I promise to never lose myself again and stay Fabulous in the process.
Always Fanci