Sunday, January 23, 2011

All Hale the King of {Anthropologie}

Sooo obviously Sean O'Mara is not the King of Anthropologie but he definitely should be...with a hit #1 selling fragrance in the international retail boutique conglomerate. He's putting Margo Elena of Lollia, Tokyo Milk and Love&Toast to shame and for good reason.

Being that I'm on the path to establish Nina Fleurina as a Premiere Candle and Perfume Shoppe my husband and I took a trip downtown Los Angeles and attended the California Gift Show.  It wasn't all the rage but we ended up choosing some pretty amazing product, but to my chagrin I was truly disappointed by the service that I was given by one of my favorite brands Tokyo Milk.  I couldn't wait to see, smell...oooh and aaah the new fragrances of Margot Elena, but upon entering the Lollia booth, no service, and in the next booth Tokyo Milk, the young woman was so uninterested I was immediately turned off.  I was so dissapointed. I was really looking forward to ordering and gracing my store with the Margot Elena brand. Oh but how ice cream and a little spritz of perfume can brighten up your day...uh, when I met Sean O'Mara personally he was definitely the cherry on top sooooo I'm so honored to not only have the wonderful Royal Apothic Perfumes in my store we will also be carrying his newest line Societies of Scent. He gave me a personal  fragrance breakdown, a glass of red wine, and lots of laughs It was a totally different experience thanks to the fabulous Mary Rentfro Rep. at Finelines Company for several brands including Royal Apothic. She's amazing He's amazing and the time was definitely memorable.  I can't wait...ooooh it's gonna be scentsational.

Sooo much more to come!

Friday, January 14, 2011

When your this close...

When you're this close you want to smell pretty...Live, Love, Nina Fleurina

A Royal Appearance.

I'm so excited to be making my acquaintance with royalty! Royal Apothic will be gracing the shelves of
Nina Fleur'ina on the eve of Valentines Day. 


With Valentine's Day and Opening Day closing in on me, I took an impromptu trip down to the LAMart in search of a few of the hottest items in perfumes and home fragrances. What I found was a wonderfully fun line of Perfume Fragrances and Candles talk about falling in love...yummm

Royal Apothic! We Welcome You!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rhianna {Reb'l Fleur} Notes

The other day my husband went on a perfume haul at Macy' normally I neeeeever purchase, wear or even glance at celebrity {endorsed} fragrances. They usually scream, over exposure.  But to my surprise amiss the Micheal Kors and my signature Gucci Flora was a pink box with the picture of Rhianna on it.  At first I plan to put up a fuse...dismissing the package all together in protest, but my husband counter with the fact that it really smells good.  To my hesitation, I smelled it and immediately fell in love.  I've been wearing it for the past few days.  I love the smell of floral it invokes, tuberose,hibiscus and violet with a dash of coconut water, it's a subtle fusion of musk and floral which gives it a mature yet fun scent.

I'm loving it and I just had to share my scentiment...

This fragrance is not scheduled to be released until Feb. but it's available at Macy's now!