Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're {Pretty} Fabulous!

Nina Fleurina will soon be launching the "Personalities of Pretty"  It's all about what your personality says about who you are, how you dress, who you smell, view the world...

What does your personality say about you? Do you know?

Are you:

A Leader,ambitious,arrogant at times,self confident you would say, gregarious, energetic
Are you Mysterious/Mystere
Do you like dark colors with a feminine edge!
You may like the smell of licorice, sandalwood, with a hint of vanilla or peonies...if so then you're
an "A'MARIE" Girl

Idealists/Hopeless Romantic> Feeling
A Dreamer, caring, giving, sensitive, loyal , charming, quiet beauty, silent confidence, lover
Are you Amour
Do you like flowers, the look scent and smell just gets you going,
You may love the smell of jasmine, honeysuckle, coconut, orange blossom with a hint of vanilla then you're a
"Nina" Girl

Guardian/ Rustic Romantic>Judging
A Sexy soul full of passion, yet warm and judging, enthusiastic kind and strong your bold and vibrant.
Are you Rapture
Do you like bold colors, red, purples, yellows with a bit of bling and glamour
You may like the smell of musk, woodsy yet soft like lilies or irises yet strong like bamboo then your a
"Sophia" Girl

Last but not least...
Artisan/ Vintage Romantic> Perceiving
A Gentle spirit quiet at times yet high on life, creative, visually stimulated optimistic generous yet emotional
Are you Eccentric
Do you like textures, smells, vibrant colors, patterns and prints
You may like the scent of sweet berries, the smell of nostalgia, Tahitian vanilla, the ocean, the air, fresh, yet exotic then you may be a " Daisy" Girl

Who are you...

This Summer Join the Movement of Bold and the Beautiful, The Soft and Sassy, The Loud and Luxurious...Let your Personality Shine Tell the World you're PRETTY Fabulous!  We are so you are Tooooo!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Been a While Buuuttt....

I Opened A New Shoppe this weekend and it's been such a blessed journey. I took a break from Mahogany Maddison and decided to jump in with both feet and open Nina Fleurina Boutique. It's a small Boho French Chic boutique filled with lots of personality nestled in the charming little town of Claremont Ca. It's heavenly, I will continue posting on Mahogany Maddison as well as my new blog http://www.ninafleurina.blogspot.com/. Please stop by and check it out.

More to come...
Love Ebony

A Grand Affair!!!!

We had a Stellar Night...Limo Escort, Champagne, Cupcakes and the most amazing family, friends supporting the Grand Opening of Nina Fleurina!!! Yeah Us!!!

More To Come!

Nina's Style Watch!!!

Strapless Jumpsuits the Hottest Must Have Item for the Spring!!!!

We're OPEN!!!!! Nina Fleurina is Now Open!!!

Nina Fleurina is NOW OPEN!!!! This is just a fraction of the products we have in store.  Nina Fleurina is the little store full of big personality we have something for everyones Personal Style.  Consider us a little Boho and a Little French Chic, mixed with a side of sweet and sassy, drop a scoop of vintage and you have a Nina Fleurina Sundae made just for you.  Located in the Historic town of Claremont known for it's Ivy League Colleges and New England Style Shopping and Eateries.  Itttt's faaaabulous!!!!!

Stop in and see for your!!!!