Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Post: Jenn Of Arcadian Light Blog

Hi! I'm Jenn and I'm one of the lucky writers at Arcadian Lighting, an e-commerce website that specializes in top lighting trends across the globe. I've been a fan of home decor since I was little, and now my husband and I are moving into our first home, meaning I'm fixated on home accessories, shabby chic bedding, modern light fixtures, and more. Every day I look for inspiring blogs like Love... Nina, who gets my creativity flowing - thank you for letting me guest post here today Ebony. It's so exciting!

Shabby chic in shades of gray are always a great option for any room. On the walls, in delicate bedding patterns, and even painted on furniture, gray is a soothing neutral hue that goes with any style, whether it's traditional or contemporary. Throw in a great lighting fixture and a room becomes a moody gray oasis. Here are eight spaces that are shabby chic in shades of gray.

A clean palette

shabby chic ceiling lighting

Dusty gray, white, and glass come together beautifully in this serene space - the ceiling light chandelier adds a dash of sumptuousness.

A stylish note

shabby chic lamps

This refurbished antique desk is stately in gray, and the chair cover with delicate ruffles creates some softness in this nook.

A powerful combo

shabby chic wall sconce

Shabby chic in shades of gray looks great accented with bright yellow - this living room has a few retro-inspired pieces as well as mod ceiling lights that infuse the space with personality.

An elegant eatery

shabby chic ceiling lights

Gray walls lend some luxe to this shabby chic dining room, while the dated wood chairs offer a touch of hominess.

Slate gray

shabby chic room

Subtle grays may be soothing but a deeper slate gray can pack a stylish punch, particularly when mixed with crisp white mouldings.

Rooftop chic

shabby chic room

This casual loft sitting room has an interesting gray-whitewashed accent wall , which is accentuated by the high slat-wood ceiling.

A whisper of colour

shabby chic pendant light

The great thing about shabby chic shades of gray is that it's a neutral colour that can "calm" bolder patterns down a bit, like in this retro-inspired room.

Animals and grays

shabby chic lamps

The rich gray walls of this nature-loving room are attractive, however the latticework ceiling, floor lamp as well as the plaster animal art put this space over the top.

For more shabby chic ideas and interiors, check out the Arcadian Lighting blog and make sure to check out some of the lighting products from wall sconces to chandeliers at affordable prices.

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  1. Wow! They're all beautiful but I LOVE the gray and yellow combo! Great post!