Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintabulously Oscar!

post was inspired by my thrift store find of a beautiful white Oscar de la Renta dress in perfect condition, "Insane" I will be posting pictures of the dress for sale as I think it's the perfect dress for a Spring Vintage Wedding size medium. I'm so proud but I'm willing to share. I'm now on the hunt for fabulous Vintage Designer pieces that will be available exclusively on my new website...Coming Soon.
In the mean time here's a little history about the designer himself.


Oscar de la Renta is born on July 22nd in the Dominican Republic’s vibrant capital city, Santo Domingo. His childhood spent in this tropical island, filled with color, flowers, and sunshine, has and continues to inspire his bright palette and beautiful designs. 

"My great strength is knowing who I am and where I come from – my island.”finedTHE ARTIST


At age 18, Oscar heads to Spain to study painting at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. While living there, he becomes captivated by Spanish culture, from the music and art, to the bullfights and flamenco, to of course… the fashion. 

Oscar’s interest in the world of design grows and he begins sketching for Spain’s leading fashion houses. He soon lands a coveted apprenticeship with Spain’s most renowned couturier, Cristóbal Balenciaga. Working there, Oscar becomes immersed in his craft – observing the sample rooms, studying the clothes, learning the techniques. 


With the belief that you should start at the top then scale your way down, Oscar takes the next step in his career and travels to Paris. There he joins Antonio Castillo at the prominent house of Lanvin as a couture assistant. He continues with his sketching, while further absorbing the extravagant world of haute-couture – the lavish fabrics, over the top feathers, exquisite jewels, and ornate trims. The influences of these extraordinary years spent in Paris are still seen in Oscar’s beautifully embellished designs. 

"Working for incredible talents like Balenciaga and Antonio Castillo, I learned about the immense skill and creativity involved in couture work. Today, I apply some of that same detailing and artistry in my own designs.”



In the midst of the extravagant Paris scene, Oscar begins to realize that the future of fashion lay not in haute couture, but in ready-to-wear – so he sets off for America. Once in New York, however, at the advice of Diana Vreeland, then Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, he returns to couture designing Elizabeth Arden’s custom-made clothing line. Because Arden is predominantly known for beauty, not fashion, she promotes Oscar’s name on the label and he is able to gain further public recognition… paving the way for what will be his own groundbreaking venture just two years down the road. 

Truly Inspiring...

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