Friday, September 2, 2011

A Nina Fleurina kind of Summer

I had a very "Active" Summer...I've never been so busy before in my life. Between photo shoots, (featured in Inland Empire Magazine) running Nina Fleurina Lifestyle Boutique, Styling/Planning Weddings, Styling Bridal Showers, Launch Parties, sourcing vintage furnishings, helping my husband run our other business (car dealership) and spending time with my friends it's no wonder I can't believe Summer is officially Over. Awe...I love Summer, it's a time of freedom, free from the layers of clothing we wear during the winter to keep us warm, free to discover and free to love. I'm so excited about what Fall has for me, the expansion of Nina Fleurina wedding styling and more fabulous parties.
You'll notice more wedding inspiration, vintage furnishings and stylish decor. The fashion will continue It can never's in my blood, it's who I's what I Love.

There so much more in store...



  1. Love this post! Bye bye summer :(

  2. I had a very blessed Summer 2011 considering last Summer "sucked" lol! Looking forward to Chai tea lattes in the Fall...