Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer/Fall Transitional Fashions

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If you live anywhere on the West Coast like I do in So Cal then you truly understand the need for transitional attire. Yes it's officially the end of Summer and yes Fall is here but don't be so quick to pull out your peacoats and parkas just yet...I mean it was no less then 100 degrees today and 104 yesterday. I've been looking for the lightest piece of clothing I could find short of walking around like the guys do with no shirt on. So in my quest to make the change, I surfed the web of my three favorite stores to see what was new (besides my beloved Nina Fleurina) you go!



  1. Thanks for commenting my friend! And your support!

  2. wonderful looks!! love the knee high boots and the outfit on the last photo <3

  3. always love anthropologies looks for fall! those boots - perfect.

  4. @ Augustlolita thank you for the wonderful comments
    @ Audrey Marie...anthropologie...nuff said.