Sunday, September 25, 2011

Top 5 Fall Must-Haves

Nina Fleurina's Top 5 Fall Must Haves

Chai TEA

Growing up I use to love Summers, I'm a native California Girl and the sunshine was my forward 10 years, and a hormonal imbalance issue, which brought on night sweats and extreme fatigue, I actually borderline hate being hot...urgh so as much as I don't mind a lemonade filled hot summer day or two. I'm looking forward cool breezes, bring on the boots, cardigans and scarves! Leggo!

Love'n the new Season, Nina


  1. Yeah the hormonal stuff has got me all messed up as well. I still run the AC at night because of it. My family freezes so I can be comfortable. Lol! Can't wait to bundle up this fall.

    -Bohogurl ;)

  2. i wish we had a fireplace so bad this time of year!

  3. @ My...I used to hate Shawn blowing the fan all year around now I can't sleep without it! Let the leaves fall where they

  4. @ Audrey Marie...We're always had a FP everywhere we've lived except for now...can't wait to move.

  5. I am also loving scarfs and boots for Fall.

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  6. A JustPatience...I have tons of scarves, um let's just say out of the woodwork amount of scarves but I can't get enough. I've already bought two from HM...oh but theres is more to come. Thanks for your comment.