Monday, August 2, 2010

Today I Am...

I took the title for this post from one of my favorite blogs Coffee Over Couture, Beth's blog is a huge inspiration as well as her magazine Altered Couture. This post screamed honesty to me...Today I Am.

Humph! Today I Am deeply sad as I sit here and write just as smidgen of my emotions. Just a little insight on my life right marriage is not so bliss these days. I don't write this blog to post about my private and very intimate issues but I believe in being a little candid and free when writing a blog. Sometimes it can be liberating and freeing to share with people who enjoy reading about what you do. So with that's been tough, but ladies Today I Am sad but in the process of healing, and searching for a new {me}. Who am I these days, well whoever I was I am transforming and looking to reinvent myself. Who should I become, well I've been working on personal styling, vintage bridal, a small boutique a vintage collector perhaps, humph should I add anything else??? What do you think, what about a little photography...well whoever I become I promise to never lose myself again and stay Fabulous in the process.
Always Fanci

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  1. Yes girl, what ever happens stay true to yourself but especially stay fabulous!! Life is full of little bumps and waves along the way, but it only brings us closer to where we are meant to be. As Maya Angelou said in a book she wrote years ago "wouldn't take nothing for my journey". Your journey along with the troubles bring you to a better place if you learn during the process.

    Lots of luv and hugs from a sister!