Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ch@nel {Mi Amore}

Awe Coco Chanel I'm in Love...especially with anything vintage Chanel. I'm so spending all my money on Mahogany Maddison that I'm just itching for a few vintage Chanel pieces. You know where this really comes from...the fact that me girl Rachel Zoe will be premiering next Monday. I'm so excited!

Coco Chanel, she was definitely Fanciiii!


  1. I love Chanel. My very first "grown up" perfume was Chanel #5 that my mother gave me for Christmas.

    xoxo, loving your blog, Bonnie

  2. Thank you Bonnie! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!


  3. Me too. Did you see the movies about her. What a fascinating woman!
    Girlie, you need to call me about your shop!
    I want to come see it and talk about selling there.
    Much Love,
    Lisa Loria

  4. I heart this post on Chanel! What an icon!!! We have so much to talk about