Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh So Stylish!

Just for the record I'm back to normal, my life is well It's life but let's just say I'm maintaining my fabulousness these days. {Marriage is blissful again}

My shoppe The French Alchemists is Opening Sat!

I didn't think I could make it but it's almost here and I'm ecstatic. It's looking so pretty and I can't wait to show pictures. In the mean time a girl can aspire this image screams pretty in pink!

What a stylish way to display loveliest pink balloons.

I generally hate balloons at an event but these pink ones with this dress is def. and must.

Oh it't won't hurt to have a few hundred balloons there...j/k but I'll have a few. Stay tuned for Pictures!

Fanci, Fanci!



  1. Im looking forward to seeing photos!

  2. Hi, I have enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog. I will definately be back to see photos:)
    Have a pretty day,