Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday w/ Mr.Robinson

Today Mr.Robinson and I spent a lovely Saturday together, lunch at a mexican resturant in Downtown Pomona on Antique Row. We also shopped in the Village of Claremont Ca. where we visited one of my favorite boutiques Jasmines specializing in aromatherapy, ah-mazing dresses, pajamas, jewelry, gift baskets and more. The owner Barbara is delightful, petitioning my husband to take me to Paris one day. How romatique would that be? Absolutely!

I have been going there for over ten years, whom of which my aunt introduced to me, I fell in love and now Mr. Robinson enjoys the welcoming fragrance the invites you into the door. It smells heavenly and every item is pleasing to the eye. If your ever in the Claremont you have to visit this lovely little shoppe. We also stopped to smell some flowers, lavenders my favorite and finally we had dessert at Dolce Cafe and Bakery in Montclair Ca. Later this evening we saw Alice in Wonderland...delightfully artistic, humorous and visually creative. All in all we had a wonderful day together.

PS i love spending time with Mr.Robinson ;-.>


  1. Sounds like a heavenly day! I love The Village! I went to OLA through eigth grade and have such wonerful memories of going to Walter's after school and splitting a milkshake with my Mom and then heading over to Barbara Cheatly's. Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories for me today.

    Wasn't Alice amazing!?! Tim Burton is incredible. I loved the film.

    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  2. Sounds like you and Mr Robinson spent the perfect day together....could it get any better? I think not :) x

  3. Bonjour Ebony,
    What a romantic day you two had. Love your little P.S.
    Bonne soirée