Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Francophile...who moi?

French Easter Egg
french farm house6
Staffordshire Garden
Custom Paradiso Paradise Sign
Arrayed in White
Luvpublishing produces beautifully and absolutely romantic floral prints who is also a publisher for Stampington & Company

Omaggio a Audrey Hepburn semplicemente divina!

I've never been one to define myself as...anything but Fabulous(batting my eyes) Ok so a girl can fantasize...but I do realize that I'm truly a "francophile" yes me defined as someone who absolutely loves anything remotely related to France. I event posted a few pics that make me feel oh la la oh so good.


  1. Ooh,my Godness,what a chic,luxereouse images!-)*****

    You have a beautiful blog,my dear new friend,I like you style!-)))

    Thank you So much for visiting by me!-)***

    With love and care,


  2. You'll love the Francophilia Gazette…