Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beautiful Tresor! Interview with Paulette Kinney of Paper Nosh

Being able to create something by hand is an absolutely beautiful treasure. I believe everyone has the gift to create, but not everyone has the passion or desire to tap into it. For some it comes quite naturally for others it a process. For those of us who are natural creators, it's a feeling you just can't shake no matter how hard you may try. It's like a soft knock at the door, you just have to answer. Not only do I love to create beautiful works of art by hand, I can appreciate the talent,passion,determination from the hands of another as well. Which is what I found when discovering the beautiful tresor of Paulette Kinney of Paper Here's a little interview and insight on the life of Ms. Kinney that I would love to share with you:

1) Your papers are so beautiful, and romantic, who or what is your inspiration?There are so many things that inspire me!! Illustrations from old books depicting 18th Century costume and fashion, etchings of French furniture, chairs and Bombe chests, dressing tables and lovely Rococo room settings. Of course viewing the apartments of Marie Antoinette at Versailles, old Mortise, and the lovely Ziegfeld Follies girls, dressed as Marie Antoinette. I am also inspired by Maurice Leloir, Boucher, and Vigee Lebrun. Lately I've been collecting old antique books from Moliere, who wrote scathing plays in the 1700's, but also drew the most beautiful and sweet faced woman dressed in all their finery.

2) How long have you been designing, did you do something more mainstream before?

I was an Interior Designer doing Commercial and Residential design for almost 25 years ( oops dating myself :) but it was never quite creative enough for me. I did know how to draft and draw though and have always wanted to make things pretty, so it now just seems like a natural progression in my life to be doing this. You know...find your bliss and all that !

4) What is the most creative special occasion, invite, card, stationary etc. you have created?

In looking back on everything I think the series of the Versailles Paparazzi are the most beautiful that I've done. I created them when the Chateau de Versailles contacted me about their upcoming catalog when they viewed my other Marie Antoinette designs at my web site and in my PauletteParis Zazzle shop. I wanted something new that was different for them that I was not seeing out there with everyone else doing them. The combination of the Marie Antoinette apartment backgrounds at Versailles and then the old revived photos of Ziegfeld Follies girls just give me such a thrill whenever I look at them or create them for a client.

5) Who's your favorite author, musician, or actress?

Well, I'm in that class that loves Jane Austen and any period piece. But I can just as easily pick up an old Anne Rice and get into some sort of Gothic tale.

As far as music...I always have something playing in the studio, from Bach to Opera or old 60's jazz to something lovely and very French from Yves Montand or Alain Boublil.

6) I speak to a lot of women who are in a business woman what are the most important elements to staying motivated?

Personally I have never had a problem being motivated...people say I am driven..there are never enough hours in the day to produce for my clients and create new designs, do the buying for supplies, plus the wrapping and shipping. My advice would be to work hard, learn everything you can about the creative thing you want to do and then just start doing it. Don't look at anyone else's work to be inspired...create whats in your own head with you own style. Know everything you can about the legal aspects of design, graphic design and copyright law. Also visualize where you want to go...visualization is so important. I have what they call "magical thinking", and creating my own world around me helps me to keep going. Plus I have the most wonderful clients in the world, they are loyal and say the nicest things to me. It means so much to have someone say how much they love their cards or is another aspect that just makes me want to do more.

7) Please feel free to share any inspiring words or tips to woman who look up to you.

Create your space, visualize, find your niche, make things pretty, use lots of glitter and brush your teeth

This interview was truly special, it was visually inspiring and a joy. Paulette also has a wonderful blog feel free to stop by and say "Hi"

Above are a few photos of her beautiful treasures and creations, if you're ever in need of a beautiful invitation, for your next special occasion log on to her website and drop her a line @ You won't be disappointed.


  1. Bonjour Ebony,
    What a fabulous interview, Ms Kinney does such beautiful work.

  2. This is the Paulette I know and love. She is amazing!

  3. This was such a great post! I have admired Paper Nosh designs for quite some time and it's wonderful to get to know the person behind all of that creativity and beauty.

  4. This Interview was one of the best I've ever done. Interviewing and connecting with woman is a joy, I've met some fabulous ones and Paulette is one of the most talented.
    I promise more to come!

  5. Ebony,just wanted to say
    how sweet of you to post
    this interview
    from beautiful PaperNosh!
    Loving it♥

  6. Wonderful interview! Paulette is such a dear and has a huge heart. Plus, she is so incredibly talented. I'm thrilled that I found your blog through her. I'm all about the glitter!!!

  7. Thank you again Ebony for this great opportunity and such a fun format:))
    Thanks too to everyone leaving such wonderful comments !
    xoxo, paulette

  8. Wonderful interview!! I have always loved and admired how beautiful Paulette's stationary is. The glitter--the shimmer--the paper--the art-- Sooooo fabulous!!! Always a huge fan:)

  9. I appreciate you sharing the interview too! It's always nice to see (especially women) sharing + truly loving what they do. Inspiring ;)


  10. Great post! She does the prettiest cards! Have a sweet day!