Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have your macarons...and eat it too!

So these little french pastry treats have been a mystery to me for a while now...until a meeting with Judy Borello of Paris Atelier brought up macarons are becoming the new cupcake and I can absolutely see why. After such a busy and stressful week posting such pretty pastries sure makes me want to smile. How bout you? ;-.>

Parisian Macarons
Courtesy of Flickr Gary Wise

Can you believe this is soap!
French Macaron Soap
Bellisimo! please shop

Macarons at Baby Shower
Pretty Shabby! Babushka Bakery

Courtesy of Flickr David Lebovitz


  1. A beautiful array of delectable colors for my palate!

  2. Bonjour Ebony,
    I think it is the pretty colors that draw you at first, but it's the incredible flavor that keeps you coming back. If you've never had one before, you can order some homemade macs via Agela is the sweetest, tell her Mimi sent you.
    Bon weekend,

  3. Bonjour Ebony! I am going to head out to Orange to pick some macarons for you! Once you taste one you will be in heaven and you'll be hooked! We can always go to Orange for tea and macarons if you wish! Thanks for the mention Doll!

  4. Ebony,

    The macrons look like art. I've never had a macron...I must say also you find the most beautiful pictures on your site, it is a visual treat.

    p.s. visit me at
    I've deleted the other blog and would love you to follow me there instead.