Monday, July 19, 2010

The {New} Vintage Fanci

I'm in love with vintage fancy...lace, ruffles, frills and any thing feminine. Recently I've expanded my personal styling business to vintage bridal and bridal services. I also make silhouette tee's and a little home deco. For the last several weeks I've been hammering my brain as to what my signature style is. Up until now I've struggled with explaining exactly what it is. I was complimented incessantly on my good eye and sense of style but deep inside I couldn't articulate what that style was. UNTIL NOW!

I believe my style is {New} Vintage Fanci, by new I mean it's fresh, modern and feminine with a vintage flair. It's a touch of bling, lace, creams, whites,rose, upcylcled re-purposed denim, linen and cotton fabrics. It's the epitome of romantic and it's MY STYLE! It may not be original but I love it and it's all me.

Live Life Fanci

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