Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stepping Up My "Faconnable"

For the last several months I had been working on a project that was unwillingly taking me away from my love of all things french. So now that, that's over I had to get back to what inspires me the most, reading absolutely fabulous literature or what I like to call 'my blogs"

So...Some like to say "one women's trash is another women's treasure" I like to say "one women's treasure is another women's treasure" which what I discover while reading the blog

I've always had a strong passion for all things beautiful, gift wrapping is right at the top of my list. But I couldn't stop there. I discovered a treasure in DJ's Dust Jacket Attic, this blog is majestic it's visually stimulating to say the least and it's a new favorite. What Grandeur!

Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Treasure hunting is certainly the best!

  2. Hi there! I am just loving your blog and today I thought of you and tagged you in a blog "game" where you are to post your 6th ever blog photo -- details are on my blog post.... hope you'll join in! :)


  3. Oh thank you so much, I was so thrilled to happen upon this.

    'smiling' xxxx DJ