Friday, April 16, 2010

Shabby Royalty

Today I was reading up on my friends blogs and I caught a glimpse of Fabulously French...well more of a glimpse, I strolled the blog reading up the happenings of the last couple of weeks and I came across this a picture of Marie A. with a fitting saying that reads Keep Calm, Carry On and Eat Cake! The post was a motto for the weekend and I now have adopted the saying for my weekend. I was drawn to the picture not just because of the saying but also the design which by the way is created by Wendy from MulberryMuse, love her and her designs, it reminds me of shabby chic royalty. Her work is fabulous no wonder I found it on Fabulously French.
"Be Calm, Carry On and Eat Cake"


  1. Yes, I have to say,great motto,but something, I practice a bit to often. like keep calm, carry on and go shopping.

  2. LOL!!!! I love it...I think I've just adopted a more fitting motto.

  3. Too cute! Thanks for the link :)
    Ooh and if you like come see, I posted my Marie Antoinette party pics!