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2013 DIY Do's and Don'ts {Wedding Guide}


Now What!?

For Years you've been reading your favorite wedding blogs, you know the ones...Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks and the lists goes on. Tons of resources boasting the most creative ideas, photography, and style all things you should do yourself...hmmm, really.

If you're not a professional scrap booker, advent crafter, wood carver, graphic designer, floral designer, or savvy cake decorator then "Doing" the most special day in your life "Yourself" will quickly become a Nightmare.

You start to think of all the people you can ask to help you with your projects, MOB, BM's, Cousins, friends of friends, friends with handy brothers or the lady in your church who is "really" good at planning parties :/

Let me tell you Yes, all of these pictures are beautiful, creative and inspiring and yes you can have it all, but asking your Mother, Brides Maids and friends of friends to take on this responsibility will be a recipe for disaster, I've seen it happen to many times. From personal experience I've been privy to some horrible DIY wedding disasters from flower bouquets to catering I've seen the Best and the Worst of intimate wedding planning ideas and I've created a list of Do's and Don'ts of DIY Wedding Design. Below is a list of what you should and should not do...

PLAN, PLAN and PLAN some more

1-6mths Quick Wedding Do's and Don'ts.
No worries if you and your beau have said yes to a quick wedding, here's a few ways to start off right.

DO ~ Create a board a binder which can be done digitally or traditionally using images from your computer. Be realistic on what you want to do and conscious of your budget.

DO ~ Write a Project Timeline {It's like a MAP for your wedding planning}

DON'T ~ Wait to the last minute, you will be setting yourself up for disaster.

DON'T ~ Over buy! It's easy to over compensate paper, mason jars, trinkets and treasures that may never see the light of day. Know what each purchased item is being used for. Use borrowed items as fillers.

DO ~ A list of Personal DIY Projects and Professional Projects it helps to delegate and task manage effectively

DON'T ~ Skimp on what's important, it's all in the details, you're {1}cake,{2} centerpieces/flowers,{3} food, {4}music and {5} photographer is what's gonna make you cry tears of joy or tears of sadness...literally. These are what I like to call your Five "Pretty" Points of Purpose. When it comes to making memories don't leave these details to chance especially not to you're future BIL's friend who just bought a hot dog cart...NO BEUNO!

DO ~ If all else fails, consult with a professional event planner/stylist. These days most planners/stylists are familiar with the world of DIY, some frown on the idea but a good event stylist can create the illusion of DIY with a professional look at an affordable price.

6-12 mths

So much can change in a year and creating back-up plans for your DIY projects will help minimize potential frustration.

DON'T ~ Underestimate you timing, 12mths may seem like a long time but timing is key.

DON'T ~ Do it all yourself. Again consult with a planner/stylist in the beginning they can help you minimize stress, maximize your budget and bring your vision to life.

DO ~ Create a vision board or binder, this is like a business plan and will play crucial part in your wedding planning. This can also help relay your vision to a professional. There is tons of inspiration online. Check out {warning it's habit forming...}

DON'T ~ Assume others understand your vision, your family and friends want to see it all come to life, they don't want to make it come to life. This is a time to celebrate, unfortunately the people in your life work, have children, or both and there life doesn't stop because your getting married. Hey I'm just being honest.

DO ~ Rent more then you buy if this is an option. These days Weddings have become trendy, theme based with out of the box ideas, vintage chairs, food trucks, candy stations with lots of props and accents. These things make for great photos and décor but you could end up with a lot of extra wedding decorations that you don't know what to do with. Vintage, novelty and unique elements are charming and ideal but this can create over spending and over consumption for after the wedding. Use focal points, and dual purpose items, fans as favors on a hot summer day, or invite your guest to bring color schemed umbrellas as back ups for a Spring Wedding, if you have a certain style in mind give them options on where to purchase them. Just it case it showers the umbrellas would make good props for pictures and your guest can take them home. Every little detail helps and you don't have to do it all yourself. Which brings me to my last tip.

DON'T ~ Be afraid to relinquish control. Nothing in life that's done with great pride and joy is done alone.  Asking for a few friends to help may be an honor. If this isn't an option consult a professional. Either way a wedding is something you cherish with your loved ones, doing it alone is not necessarily Doing It Yourself. A house isn't built by one man alone nor is a home, and your wedding should be done alone as well.

I hope these tips help in making the best choices for you wedding day.  I've been planning events for many years and have learn what to do and what not to do and now I am sharing this wisdom with you.

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