Tuesday, October 18, 2011

(The Sty'list) Fall Transitions: So Cal Style

I love Summer and Fall but mixing them together, especially in So California can be beyond tricky. It could leave you looking a little stylishly confused...uh yeah. Cold in the Morning and hot during the day...what to wear, what to wear.
So for the last year I've been wanting to feature a few of my stylish ensembles. I'm a very jeans and t-shirt kinda gal but to spruce things up I always go for the basics...a cardigan, pumps, scarves and accessories.

I love rings and bracelets...vintage, thrift, mixing and matching. So here's my first outfit feature (I seen the scarf idea on Pinterest)
Cut off Jeans: Hollister, Buffalo Exchange
Tank: Nina Fleurina
Shoes: H&M
Jewelry: BSJ (Bohemian Spirit Jewelry)
Cardigan: H&M
Hat: My husbands
Scarf: H&M
Hope you like my outfit...
Tell me what you think?
More from the The Sty'list coming soon.

Love Nina


  1. I think it's absolutely adorable!

  2. Finally! I've been wanting to capture my personal style for so long. Thanks for helping hit the ball out of the park. So many slam dunks to come...

  3. Absolutely adorable outfit! I especially love the scarf and the shoes!