Friday, October 7, 2011

Lounge Pretty

 Keep Calm and Lounge On! Is my Motto, my husband Mr.Fleurina (aka Honey) can vouch for the fact that I love to "lounge" get me a blanket, some champagne, a good book or magazine and my favorite loungewear outfit. Yes I said outfit. Looking cute is a must when it comes to lounging.  To me there is an art to lounging, I'm not talking about taking a power nap or going to bed a little earlier then usual. I'm talking about the moments woman dream of...especially moms, a little piece of quiet, and a whole lotta slow down. All I know is when lounging I have to be comfortable but CUTE! How many of you choose your loungwear like you chose your day and nightwear. I mean all you need is one emergency call and you could be out the door looking like a bozo...and pajama pants is an absolute no!no! lol!
Live a fabulous life, Love deeply, Smell pretty.
Love Nina

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  1. Love this post.. I can definitely relate to the "art of lounging", its just not good enough throwing on some dirty old sweats look cute and feel good then you can truly lay down at relax..

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