Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maxi Style

Maxi dresses are the best!!! I wear them several times every Summer. It's the dress that can hide a women's worst flaws, {especially ugly legs and feet} in my case. In other cases, a slight over stuffed stomach from a hearty Summer meal. But it also heightens your physique, slenderizes your body and most of the time beit strapless, halter of spaghetti straps highlights your best assests {up top} no down below.

Either way a girl of any size or shape can get away with wearing a fabulous Maxi dress to the next, bomb fire on the beach, brunch with the girls or fleamarket shopping with your beau. Oh and the perfect accessories...mosey over to my friend Myisha of Bohemian Spirit Jewelry and get to Stackin! The has the best Summer collection. In love!

I may be making myself one or two for the next event invite! Possible tutorial and pics to come.

Summer Lov'n

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