Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello {Fancy}

My Inspiration:
Candles, cashmere,woodburning fireplaces,cupcakes,pink champagne,bubble baths, the soothing sounds of Bossa Nova, Audrey Hepburn, vintage jewelry,Romance Novelas, and french kisses are all what inspires, Nina Fleur'ina's new fragrance Ruche by Nina Fleur'ina.
Handcrafted and handpoured in a small
tranquil studio , nestled in a  suburban community just outside sunny Los Angeles CA,
With a touch of romance a little rustic edge and a fresh fragrance reminiscent of anything fancy (grandma's garden, mom's closet,vintage lace,fresh cut roses, ruffles...)
Nina Fleur'ina has been creating luxury candles and gifts for over a decade. 
Always surrounding herself with the fancy side of living. A quiet space and a creative mindset puts Nina in the mood to create. So...what do you consider Fancy!!!!?


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