Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love at first sight...

I read tons of blogs, but only a few I must say are on heavy rotation...check my side bar for my favorite blog reads. Being a self proclaimed helpless romantic, who happens to believe in love at first sight, you know the feeling you get when you try on the perfect pair of glove fitting jeans or the taste of warm fresh baked chocolate chip cookies... ok so the cookies or the jeans may not do it for you but but for me I instantly fell in love with my new favorite blog Gypsy Purple. Her blog is artistic, stylish, cultural and darn right pretty, her pictures inspire a juxtapose of muted french appeal with bold ethnic inspiration and to me this aesthetic is a breath of fresh air just in time for the Fall. I knew I would find something to fall in love with this season and Gypsy Purple is it.
Life in a fanci world!


  1. Ebony...thank you sooooo very much for the kind remarks and the feature.....must say I love your blog as well. We spend so much time in this world we came to call "blogland"`s nice to know that what you put out there is liked and read!! Hope we see a lot of one another in the future. Chamara -Gypsy Purple

  2. These are beautiful photos!!!
    I sure would like to know where to find all those pretty vases...and I love the mirror idea!
    Lovely blog!!