Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring {StyleFile} Wedding Edition

Now that NYFW{New York Fashion Week} is finally over...I'm sorry but I get overwhelmed salivating over beautifully designed clothing that I may never afford.  I can now narrow down to the styles and colors I love, incorporate them into wedding styling and beginning to plan my favorite time of the year!!! Hello Spring. This is the time where I'm planning tea parties, bridal showers and creating a line-up of fabulous brides to share in the biggest day of their lives. Let's Get Hitched!!!!

Above I have quickly created a visual list of Nina Fleurina's Favorite Spring things, colors and schemes. I don't know about Emerald but, Coral, Tangerine and Peach are my must-have Pantone color choices of the 2013 Spring/Summer Trends. Don't forget, incorporating these colors into you home decor and independent style. Also look for thrifty finds to mix and match with a modern design. It makes it, intimate, deliberate and personal.

I love everything stylish and pretty...come know me!!! LOL!


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