Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boutique Style Mom Coves{i.e. Mom Caves}

Mom Coves

Coming this Fall Nina Fleurina will be going into the homes of woman far and near re-decorating with a flair all her own. Over the past several years I have created cozy space with my boutiques where women want to not only shop but...stay. I've been asked over and over to consult on interior design of young ladies homes to creative ladies booth spaces. Merchandising is a natural talent as well as decorating and design. I've had a passion for all things stylish and pretty every since I was a young girl. From apparel to interior decor I've loved and dabbled in it all. Now with my new boutique I've closed in on my shabby chic style that makes moms and young woman alike swoon. Soon you'll be able to rest in a Nina Fleurina Boutique Style Mom Cove all your own. For inspiration check out the pics below.


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