Friday, April 22, 2011

New" NF" Handmade Bath and Beauty Collection

I've been creating handmade product for years.  I'm a multi-talent lady and I love creating fabulous things with my hands.

I'm so proud of my latest creations...

Nina Fleurina Bath & Body, Soaps, Perfumes and more
More handmade items coming soon!


  1. Crazy because I love my own product so much I hate when I have to use something else. I so happy you live it
    See you @ Sip'n Shoppe!

  2. hi remember me (Jodie, I was the vendor next to you!) from the Event Saturday at Old World Village? Just wanted to say how much I love your soap, and you both were so nice!!! My daughter LOVES her blouse, and we my husband and I ended up having dinner there afterall and it was great....keep in touch! Hubba Hubba Boutique on Facebook......Love Jodie

  3. Hi Jodie!!!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the soap and your daughter loved her blouse. Thanks for the wonderful comments and I'll be sure to look you up on FB!
    Take Care