Friday, September 10, 2010

Fresh Friday!

H& new obsession. I don't know why I'm falling in love with the economically friendly brand. We were first introduced in 2004. It was almost like a blind date. A friend of mind took it upon himself to tell me about the brand while preparing for a trip to New York. I had never made my acquaintance with the brand prior to him telling me about it. When I arrived in New York I was eager to introduce myself and the introduction well let's just say.... It was less than favorable. Lines were long, and service was mediocre. I ended up spotting a cute black collar, long sleeve polo sweater. The memory lingered and then faded...until a year later I heard the brand was making a cameo appearance right in my back yard. The response was so well received they now have H&M stores spilling out of every mall and outlet all over the west coast region. Bringing me to present day where I've re-evaluated my love for the brand and have now become a little obsessed. I recently did a little shopping there and the relationship is not yet officially but it's moving along quite nicely. Til we meet again H&M til we meet again.

Fancii Friday!

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